• That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum
  • That Hole Serum

That Hole Serum

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15ml (.5oz) | 100 Uses

A doctor-backed daily serum for soothing anal irritation and improving overall butthole skin health & appearance.

Ingredients shown to help:

    • Soothe Inflammation & Swelling
    • Boost Tissue Strength & Elasticity
    • Hydrate & Nourish Skin Barrier
    • Brighten & Even Skin Tone
    • Smooth & Supple Skin Texture

    Disclaimer: Hole Serum is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions.

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    • Made in USA
    • 30-Day Guarantee

    Hole Serum is a potent and nourishing proprietary cosmetic formula specially designed for optimal butthole health and appearance.

    • Vegan
    • Cruelty Free
    • Natural & Organic Ingredients
    • Formulated in the U.S.
    • Dermatologist Approved

    Anal skin is much thinner and more delicate than other areas, gets weaker as we age, and is easily damaged.

    Micro-tears, inflammation, and dryness are often caused by common daily activities:

    • Friction from wiping
    • Skin-stripping harsh soaps
    • Anal play
    • Irritants in wet wipes
    • Hard stools

    Tiny blood vessels in your anus can weaken and balloon out from added pressure or poor circulation from daily life:

    • Pregnancy
    • Weight lifting
    • Sitting or standing too long
    • Constipation and straining

    Our solution? A daily skin-nourishing serum optimized for the butthole to soothe irritations and improve overall anal skin health and appearance.

    A potent blend of healing plant extracts, barrier repairing Ceramides, skin-nourishing vitamins E & B3, and more, with absolutely no perfumes, dyes, or other B.S.

    Ingredients shown to help:

    • Support Cellular Turnover
    • Relieve Inflammation
    • Tighten Swollen Tissue
    • Thicken Tissue Walls
    • Increase Moisture Retention
    • Improve Barrier Function
    • Boost Microcirculation
    • Enhance Skin Elasticity
    • Brighten & Even Skin Tone

    Nourish tissue daily to help boost the skin's natural defenses against irritation.


    It depends! If you’re using the recommended pea size amount (half pump) once per day, the bottle can last for about 100 uses or around 3 months.

    With more frequent use, expect around 2 months.


    Use Hole Serum consistently, at least once daily, to soothe irritations and gradually improve butthole skin health and appearance. Gently rub in a half pump of Hole Serum after cleansing and completely drying the area.

    When experiencing an irritation, use as needed throughout the day.


    Botanical Complex
    5 powerful plant extracts shown to soothe & improve hemorrhoids and fissure (broken skin) symptoms.

    Reduces irritation and supports the healing of minor cuts & swelling.

    Bisabolol & Turmeric
    Super soothing, antioxidant, shown to brighten and even skin tone.

    Vitamin E & B5
    Anti-inflammatory, soothing, antioxidant, moisturizing, supports skin elasticity and softer skin.

    Ceramide Complex
    5 Ceramides and Cholesterol replenish moisture and essential lipids to strengthen skin barrier health.


    Currently shipping to U.S. addresses only.

    Located outside of the U.S.? Send an email to hello@thatasset.com and let us know—we're a startup actively planning where to expand next.



    "An absolute game changer. Less irritation, smoothing, and great self-care!”

    –Sophia H


    “the serum sped up the healing process and it felt like new within 24 hours. Highly recommend you give this serum a try!”  

    –Adam B.


    “Wonderful product for postpartum moms out there! After having a baby you need soothing products and this does the trick.”

    –Riley K.


    Consumer Trial

    *Study conducted with 28 participants (17 with anal irritation: hemorrhoids, fissures, itching, pain) who applied Hole Serum to their butthole daily for 1 week and completed a questionnaire:

    • 100%

      with anal irritation
      experienced relief

    • 75%

      agreed their anal
      skin felt healthier

    • 100%

      would use again & and
      recommend to friends

    Using the highest quality plant materials, we perform the extraction locally with a lab in Chicago to create our proprietary Botanical Complex found in Hole Serum:

    • Aesculus Hippocastanum Seed (Horse Chestnut) Extract
    • Ruscus Aculeatus Root (Butcher's Broom) Extract
    • Collinsonia Canadensis Root (Stoneroot) Extract
    • Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract
    • Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract

    These botanical wonders are skincare superheroes, especially for relieving the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

    Benefits Include:

    Wound Healing
    Skin Calming & Soothing
    Radical Scavenging
    Cleansing & Detoxifying

    A naturally occurring substance of the comfrey root known for many benefits to skin:

    Anti-inflammatory & Moisturizing
    Promote cell growth & wound healing
    Provide a cooling effect, can help reduce pain and discomfort
    Mild antiseptic properties, can help prevent infection

    • Ceramide NP
    • Ceramide AP
    • Ceramide AS
    • Ceramide NG
    • Ceramide EOP
    • Cholesterol

    Ceramides and cholesterol are skin's best friends!

    Ceramides play a crucial role in binding skin cells together, helping to form a protective barrier. Like glue, Ceramides help hold together the skin barrier, locking in moisture. Cholesterol acts as the cushion, keeping skin supple.

    Together, they ensure hydration and resilience for a healthy, happy complexion.

    • Ceramides: Maintain skin barrier.
    • Cholesterol: Enhances skin suppleness.
    • Together: Hydrate and protect.

    Meet your skin's dynamic duo: Vitamin E and B5!

    Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, shields skin from free radicals, and studies have shown Vitamin E may speed the healing rate of hemorrhoid and anal fissures.

    Vitamin B5, a hydrating champion, fosters moisture retention, promoting a plump, radiant complexion.

    Bisabolol, derived from chamomile, offers gentle, super soothing care, calming inflammation and redness.

    Turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse, enhances skin tone, bringing out your radiant, healthy glow.

    Super Soothing
    Even out skin tone
    Reduce redness, irritation

    Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    Arachidyl Alcohol
    Behenyl Alcohol
    Arachidyl Glucoside
    Isoamyl Laurate
    Cetearyl Alcohol
    Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
    Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter
    Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Butter
    Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
    Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
    Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract
    Aesculus Hippocastanum Seed (Horse Chestnut) Extract
    Ruscus Aculeatus Root (Butcher's Broom) Extract
    Collinsonia Canadensis (Stone) ROOT Extract
    Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract
    Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract
    Ceramide NP
    Hydrogenated Lecithin
    Glyceryl Stearate
    Ceramide AP
    Ceramide AS
    Ceramide NG
    Ceramide EOP
    Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
    Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6
    Caprylyl Glycol
    Sodium Phytate
    Hydroxyethyl Acrylate
    Sorbic Acid 


    Excessive itching, also known as pruritus ani is the relentless urge to scratch caused by dry or damaged skin, hemorrhoids, fissures, poor hygiene, or allergic reaction.

    Many daily products like toilet paper, bar soap, body wash, lube, body lotions, and wet wipes irritate the skin with friction, skin-stripping harsh ingredients, and irritants like fragrances, dyes, and harsh surfactants that trigger contact dermatitis, leaving the skin inflamed, dry, itchy or worse.

    That Hole Serum is formulated with only clean ingredients. That means no fragrances, dyes, or other irritants. Only ingredients shown to effectively optimize the overall health of your butthole skin, leave no residue, and is safe for daily use.

    Butthole inflammation is a skin reaction that appears as reddened and/or swollen or bumpy skin caused by friction, contact with a chemical irritant, hemorrhoids, or fissures.

    That Hole Serum is formulated with ingredients shown to relieve inflammation and nourish the overall health of the skin through regular usage.

    Hemorrhoids are inflamed and dilated blood vessels with weak supporting tissue walls that have become stretched and thin. Usually caused by straining and excessive or prolonged pressure.

    That Hole Serum contains ingredients shown to address the symptoms of hemorrhoids by soothing inflammation, improving micro circulation, shrinking swollen blood vessels, and strengthening the supporting tissue.

    Anal fissures are small tears in the lining of the anus caused by trauma that stretches the anal canal.

    That Hole Serum is formulated with ingredients shown to relieve fissure by soothing inflammation and improving the rate of cellular turnover to repair damaged tissue faster.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 175 reviews
    Good product but dispensing device not ideal

    Advertised as 100 uses. I received my order on May 3. Today is May 21. I use the suggested dose with just one pump - pea sized amount only once daily and the device won’t dispense any more. According to Asset I should have 82 doses left. Perhaps there’s more inside but cracking open the bottle isn’t easy. The product is good but I’d suggest a different more simple dispensing tube would be better.

    Nick, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Hole Serum. We're glad to hear that you're enjoying it. We apologize for any inconvenience with the bottle, someone from our customer care team will reach out to you soon. Thank you for your support!

    Ken J
    Works Great

    This cream is great! Easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. I feel healed and moisturized!

    Matthew Wolfe

    That Hole Serum

    Michael Thornton
    Great Product

    Product works great

    J F
    gave me relief not even prescription meds was able to

    Im a gay bottom with anal fissure and hemorrhoids. if it sounds like hell that's because it is. doctors prescribed me hydrocortisone acetate, it doesnt help at all. I got the off-the-counter relief meds. no help. I got the Pranicura 5 as recommended by redditors. no help. until an Asset ad popped on my ig. I said why not. after 1 week of use. everything went away. the pain, the itch, the strained poops. my hole doesnt look angry and scarred anymore. in fact dare I say it looks happy and even pretty? Im so happy with Asset cream and I cannot recommend it enough. doctors should look into this for their patients too. Im def telling my doctor about it.

    my only feedback, is that the bottle is really small. Im using like two peas worth of cream daily. and I think Im at the end of the bottle after 10 days. :( at this rate it is not economical for me to get for daily usage permanently even though I want to. a subscription discount or maybe larger bottle SKU for the "hole conoisseurs" should be on the marketing team's roadmap plz!